About Us

OSS Ventures Worldwide (OSSVW) is a company-provided site service, distributor and supplier to global. The company was established in 2005 with more than 20 years experience of in providing customers with supply and integrated "Supplier Chain Management" services. 

We provide Cleanroom consumable supplies, office supplies, laboratories industrial,  protective equipment, medical supplies, and more. We provide our material to semiconductors, Food Processing, Electronics, Pharmaceutical, Medical product and other manufacturing companies

OSSVW can help you meet your project's specific and customised product requirements. With an extensive product range, OSSVW has a solution that suits your needs and budget in Aseptic environments. OSSVW can produce and source other types of products no matter how obscure. This extensive experience gives us the edge in understanding the needs of our worldwide customers. 


To provide global materials,  supply and services providers across industries platforms. 

To provide products and supply services for our local & global customers with innovative technology platforms. 

To ensure our quality products and provide the best advice suit to your company's needs.