Cleanroom Wipes

Non-woven Wipes

Non-woven wipes offer an economical choice, as the manufacturing process does not require laundering. Cellulose and synthetic blended hybrids provide additional absorbency for spill cleanup and removal of thick liquids.

Product Specification

-Multiple size

-Multiple type of material

-Multiple packaging

Polyester Wipes

Polyester wipers are engineered from 100% continuous-filament polyester in a no-run interlock pattern. All four edges of the wipers are cut and sealed to prevent particle and fiber release.

Product Specification


  • 115 gsm

  • 130 gsm

  • 200 gsm

-Class 100-1000 (ISO 5-6) cleanrooms

-85/150/300/600 pcs/bag

Validated Sterile Wipes

These wipes are gamma irradiated to a Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) of 10-6 for use in aseptic critical environments. It comes in many sizes and materials including polyester, microfiber, and non-woven materials like cellulose-polyester blends. Available in dry and pre-saturated wipes.

Product Specification

-Nylon & polyster

- Lot traceable

-Sastified of strerility for each shipment

-20 pcs/bag

Microfiber Wipes

Microfiber (MF) Wipes is a microfiber wipers knitted from continuous microfiber filaments of 1 to 5 microns in thickness. These strong filaments have a high yarn-to-dust contact surface area, ensuring excellent wiping efficiency. Its wedge-shaped microfibers act as small squeegees for superior contact with the surface to be cleaned, generating excellent absorbency and particulate entrapment.

Product Specification

-Nylon & polyster


  • 100 psm

  • 150 gsm

  • 165 gsm

  • 180 gsm

  • 220 gsm

-Class 10-100 (ISO 4-5) cleanrooms

-50/100/200 pcs/bag

- Extreamly soft

Pre-saturated Wipes

Pre-saturated wipes aid cleanliness in compounding pharmacies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and hospitals because of the convenience and even dispersion of chemical solvents. It generally features a Meltblown Polypropylene (MBPP) or knitted polyester fabric saturated with 70% IPA and 30% DI water. Other solvent ratio is available upon request.

Product Specification


  • 36 gsm

  • 68 gsm

  • 140 gsm

  • 180 gsm

  • 220 gsm

-gamma irradiated with AAMI/ ISO guidelines

-30 wipes/pouch

-Lot traceable

-Certificate of Irradiation for each shipment.