Cleanroom Stationary

Cleanroom Paper

Clean Image Cleanroom paper is made of durable paper which is applicable for use in critical and cleanroom work areas. 

Product Specification

-70gsm and 80gsm

- Size: letter, A4, A5 & A3

-50 sheet/ream

-Colour: White, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Green, Orange, Purple, Cream 

-Class 100(ISO 5) Cleanroom 

-Environmental friendly paper

-Customize the logo and other printed 

Cleanroom Notebook

Come with antistatic covers to prevent static charge build-up and precision-cut with round edge corners.

Product Specification

-50 sheet 

- Size of

-Antistatic cover

-High-density cover resist chemical

-Environmental friendly paper

-Customize the logo and other printed 

Cleanroom Sticky Pad

Self-adhesive pads that can be used for note-taking in cleanroom areas. The pad doesn’t leave adhesive residues from the surface, it has contact with it. 

Product Specification

-80 pads/ bags

-160 bags/case

- Size: 3" x 3"

-Colour: White, green, orange and yellow

-High purity, water base adhesive

-Ultraclen with low particle and fibre generation

-Certified under European standard EN71-3